The high quality Solar Street Lights offered by us include LED & CFL solar street lighting systems that have replaced the conventional methods for electrification. Our range of solar street lights is economical, easy to install & maintain, consumes less electricity and is completely environment friendly. We also offer customization facility with this range so as to meet the dynamic needs of our customers.
Solar Street Lights are so named because they work with the help of Solar Energy. Solar Street Lights help to reduce the usage of non-renewable energy. Natural renewable energy can be used instead of non-renewable energy, since the former can be produced through a lot of means such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, geothermal, etc. Production of solar energy is also easy and that makes it an easily preferred choice of energy.
Energy conservation on every front is need of the time. Conventional High-Pressure Sodium Vapor Lamps used for Streetlights generally known as HPSV lamps consumes lot of electrical energy.


• Very low power consumption.
• No generation of UV, hence do not attract insects. Negligible soiling of the luminaries.
• No igniter required.
• Extra Long life upto 20,000 amp. hours.
• Honeycomb cracks to the cover are totally avoided due to negligible heat radiation.
• Unity starting power factor as compared to lower than 0.5 of HPSV; and operates at positive lead power factor; thus acts as a power factor corrector.
• High contrast visibility even in misty & foggy weather.
• Instant hot re-start.