Solar Lantern is a self-powering lighting device, which is constitutes a solar power supply, battery and a light source. The advantages of the solar lantern are that it makes user independent, provides a long-lasting and reliable service. Mostly the solar lanterns sold in India have the following characteristics:

1)  Light output is good enough for reading in close ranges
2)  It functions for about 4 hours per day to sometimes 8 hours
3)  Some particular variety of lanterns also function well under cloudy conditions
4)  The most important part of the Solar Lantern; the Solar PV Panel, comes between 5–8 years warranty.

"The solar lantern is a cheap alternative to a Solar Home System (SHS) providing 4-5 hours of high quality lighting service or 15 hours of listening to the radio. It provides higher quality light than the use of candles or kerosene lamps. They are also used to provide street lighting in rural areas."