LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. A LED is a modern light source which is rapidly replacing other traditional bulbs such as Halogens, Fluorescent and incandescent. "Solar LED lights incorporate state-of-the-art advantages, combining the best solar panels, power storage and optical design to create products that will function for years to come".

Features of Solar LED lighting:-

• Super Bright LED Source with Photometric Design for Rectangular beam pattern.
• High Intensity, High Uniformity and Glare Eliminated Light.
• Module Integrated Design, Long Life, Easy Maintenance.
• No hassle of Bulb Replacements. Perfect for Roads, Expressways, Highways.
• Eliminates the Visual Fatigue which is caused by traditional street lights.
• High Colour Index (>75) Tremendous Energy Saving compared to traditional Lamp Totally Green. No Lead, No Mercury and No Pollution.
• DC/AC type for Easy adaptation to standby and Centralized Modes.