Power Supply & UPS


The CCTVUPS power supplies provide clean, filtered and regulated DC voltage. Suitable for all electronic devices, including access controls, electromagnetic locks and CCTV. Encased in a heavy-duty steel enclosure to protect the power connections. Removable steel cover for easy access to power connections and ventilation holes to prevent heat build up. The power supplies come with up to 9 channels enabling multiple electronic devises to be centralised into one power box resulting in a safer and more reliable power supply.

Our Geovision IP video server is compatible with Geovision NVR software. The Zavio network video server that we supply is compatibe with our NUUO network camera software. The above screen shot shows an Internet explorer view of the 4 IPVS-MJ1 IP Video Servers connected to 4 outdoor analog security cameras. Unlike the Zavio V111T, the IPVS-MJ1 is not compatible with any 3rd party IP camera software which is why we recommend the Zavio IP server over it unless the customer is just looking for a very basic one camera surveillance system to monitor over the Internet.