Solar Photovoltaic's (PV), A advantages that converts sunlight into electricity. Solar PV is used primarily for grid-connected electricity to operate residential appliances, commercial equipment, lighting and air conditioning for all types of buildings. Through stand-alone systems and the use of batteries, it is also well suited for remote regions where there is no electricity source. Solar PV panels can be ground mounted, installed on building rooftops or designed into building materials at the point of manufacturing.

PV Modules

The PV modules from Sharp are well recognized for their efficiency and time tested performance over a long period of time. They highly efficient PV modules help to derive maximum energy out of Sunlight thus maximize the savings. Sharp's modules are ideal for Off-Grid & On-Grid PV applications. Sharp offers two categories of solar module: 1. Mono & Poly-crystalline Silicon PV Modules 2. Thin-film Photovoltaic Modules.