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Digital Recorder

a) 16 channel DVR
The DVR-MP416W is a 16 channel DVR that supports up 120 frames per second security video recording. This pentaplex operation DVR supports direct web browser access (by using a plug-in) over the Internet. This professional 16 channel security DVR has a very easy to use graphical interface.

b) 32 channel DVR
A 32 channel standalone security DVR offers the highest number of video surveillance channels currently available in a standalone or embedded security DVR system.

c) 4 Channel DVRs
4 Channel DVRs are one of the most amazing inventions to enter the security camera market during the 21st century.Most of the people around today’s world just need to buy security camera DVR, because 4 channel is just suitable for home monitoring. A 4 channel security DVR allows you record up to four video security camera at once. Our digital video recorders capture video directly unto the DVR, making available for later reference and use. A typical modern DVR records videos into a Hard-Disk which usually comes in various sizes and capacities, ranging from 100 Gigabytes to as high as 1 Terra-byte. The size of the hard-disk determines the hours of video recordings the DVR can accept. For example, a 4 channel DVR with 500GB hard drive can be recorded for about two weeks continuously. If it is 1TB, that would be much longer.

d) 8 channel DVR
In the security surveillance industry, multiple channels digital video recorders are a great way to keep your home or business secure. A DVR 8 channel is perfect for those who need a bit more security than what is offered with smaller 4 channel DVRs and can be applied to either home or business, because the 8 CH DVR can be connected to 4 cameras or 8 cameras as you need as your home or business becomes larger than before. Therefore, 8 channel is an good choice for those who will expand their home or business in the future, for the benefit is that you do not need to waste money to buy another security systems.

e) Entry-level DVR
This product is specifically designed to cater towards the entry-level security market by using a high- definition video output, a friendly user interface, and multi-channel real-time monitoring. Offered in an attractive price range, this DVR series is the perfect recording solution for smaller-scale applications, such as homes, offices, or for retail purposes.