Solar home System is a user friendly and effective light source using the sunlight to provide reliable and cost effective electricity. The Solar Home System is an Ideal light source and a visible solution for household electrification in rural areas.
"A solar home lighting system aims at providing solar electricity in un-electrified remote or rural areas for operating lights and / or fan or energizing a DC operated portable TV set for specified hours of operation per day. Also urban homes facing electricity supply from the grid can have this home lighting solution based on your need".
Solar home lighting system is used for interior illumination during the night or in case of power failure. We manufacture standard quality of solar home lighting systems and supply to our customers. We install the most powerful battery that has a high storage capacity and low energy loss. It performs for a longer period of time and requires low maintenance cost. It is easy to install and our engineers can do it in the best possible way.

Features of Solar home lighting system:-

• Solar lighting solution for rural use
• No power required. Operates only on solar
• PWM advantages
• Bright light for Indoor use.
• Safety protection for high cut off, low cut off & temperature compensation
• MNRE, CPRI, ETDC, Other Nodal Agency Approved
• Optional AC inverter
• Attractive wall mounted cabinet
• Sealed or flooded battery adaptable
• Solar charging/system status light
• Battery state-of-charge indicator light